Standard 1/8 Beef Bundle

Standard 1/8 Beef Bundle


Roughly one eighth of an animal. Included in this bundle is an assortment of the most used and popular cuts of meat. With the convenience of having this in your freezer you will be prepared for any occasion whether grilling out or having a dinner party. This bundle also gives you a savings of approximately 20% over buying individual cuts.

  • (3) ribeye steaks - 1/pkg, 1" thick, approx 10 oz each
  • (3) New York strip steaks - 1/pkg, 1" thick, approx 10 oz each
  • (1) filet mignon steaks - 2/pkg, 1.25" thick, approx 8 oz total
  • (3) sirloin steaks — 1/pkg, 1" thick, approx 10 oz each
  • (3) chuck roast/arm roast — 1/pkg
  • (1) sirloin tip roast — 1/pkg
  • (1) rump roast — 1/pkg
  • (2) stew meat — 1 lb/pkg
  • 18-20 lbs ground beef — 1 lb/pkg
  • One FREE beef topper!  --  Hanger steak, skirt steak, flank steak, cube steak, short ribs, or hamburger patties.

On occasion, we may need to substitute one cut of roast for another due to the animal's size.  Minimum box weight is 40#.  

Tip: This bundle is boxed up and frozen at -10 degrees.  This box requires 1.25 cubic feet of freezer space.

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